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To check room availability, please follow the procedures below.

* Special Note: Make sure that your E-mail account is set to receive our correspondence or our communications will go to your Spam Folder, or be rejected by your Internet Service Provider.

Step 1. First determine the exact dates of your visit along with room type desired and contact us for availability. This may be done via E-mail (Room Availability Form) or calling us at (809) 970-3268 between 10AM and 9PM EST. You should expect an E-mail response within 12 hours.

Step 2. Once your receive a response confirming availability, go to the Room Reservation Form to fill out your reservation details, including contact information, room type and travel details. Then, click the submit button.

Step 3. Once you have submitted the completed Reservation Form you should receive a confirmation via E-mail within 12 hours. Also, expect to receive a re-confirmation E-mail from us prior to your arrival. Simply reply by confirming your travel arrangements and thereby avoiding a reservation cancellation.


* Special Notes – All Reservations – Important! Please Read

•  Individuals making reservations for additional rooms / friends may be required to wire a non-refundable cash deposit to hold / confirm said reservation. They may be also held responsible for “no shows” within their group.

•  Any reservation totaling 4 separate rooms or 20 room nights may also be required to wire a non-refundable deposit for final confirmation.

•  No shows – People not showing up for a confirmed reservation will be placed on a “deposit required” list. This means that future reservations will require a non-refundable wired cash deposit to reserve your room.

•  Cancellations – Again we know “stuff happens” but canceling less than a week in advance may also place you on a “deposit required” list.

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